What to Do When You Locked Keys in a Trunk

Discovering that you have locked keys in the trunk is a hassle, preventing you from going about your plans for the day until a solution is found. After all, without your keys, you may not be able to get into the car and travel to your next destination. You may have essentials stored in your trunk that you need to access right away. Do you need to know how to unlock the trunk with keys locked inside? Several effective solutions are available.

Press the Release Button

If you have locked keys in the trunk and can still get into the cabin, there may be an easy solution. In most cars, there is a trunk release button located around the steering wheel or on the driver’s side door. In some vehicles, the trunk release button is in the glove box or hidden underneath the steering wheel. If you cannot locate your car’s trunk release button, search your owner’s manual or online for information specific to your make and model.

Gain Access Through the Window

In some cases, the doors are locked, but one of the windows is down. If the opening is large enough, you or a smaller person nearby could climb through the window to unlock the door. If the window opening is too small to climb through, you could find a long, slender object to press on the unlock button. Once the car door is unlocked, you can then search for the trunk release button.

Pull Down the Rear Seats

An alternative to using the release button is to fold down your rear seats. In many cars, there is a release button at the top of the back row of seats that enables the fold-down feature. Other vehicles have a manual system where you pull on a latch. If you can pull down rear seats, you will have full access to your trunk and the keys.

Use Your Spare Keys

Do you have an extra set of keys in your house or with another driver who you share the vehicle with? If the keys are not handy, ask someone to bring them to your location. You can then pop the trunk open with the spare key and access the first set of keys.

Call a Locksmith

While many people who are dealing with locked keys in the trunk have a few relatively easy solutions available given their specific circumstances, none of these options may work for you. If you have no other way to open the trunk and retrieve the keys, you should contact an emergency locksmith. The locksmith can open the trunk and car doors for you. While the locksmith is there, you can request a spare set of keys be made as well.

Your daily activities will come to a standstill when your keys are locked in the trunk. While this can seem like a major setback, you can see that there are actually several options available. Carefully review your circumstances to identify the best fix for your situation.

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