“Tesla’s new low-priced car” 3 Models has divided analysts’ views

Tesla’s new low-priced car

After the US EV giant Tesla’s first quarter results briefing held on April 23rd, there were two main opinions regarding Tesla’s new low-priced car (or low-priced cars) that is scheduled to be released soon. It was divided into

One is the opinion that this “Tesla’s new low-priced car that will be released soon” is the long-awaited “Model 2.” The other opinion is that it will not be the long-awaited Model 2, but a different car, something that could be called a “Model 2.5.” But one thing is clear. That means, despite the negative press, some new low-cost car is in the works anyway.

``Tesla's new low-priced car'' 3 Models has divided analysts' views

During the earnings conference call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk briefly mentioned future Tesla’s new low-priced car, saying that the new “affordable” cars will be built on next-generation platforms. It will leverage aspects of both the current platform and the current platform. Tesla then said, “We will accelerate the release of new models to late 2024 or early 2025.” (For more information, see the audio here

``Tesla's new low-priced car'' 3 Models has divided analysts' views

.) Some Wall Street analysts interpreted the comment as Musk’s confirmation of the next generation of low-cost cars, dubbed the Model 2. “They’re not going straight to autonomous driving,” Wedbush Securities managing director Dan Ives said on CNBC , regarding Tesla’s planned robotaxis . “Model 2, a Tesla’s new low-priced car priced under $30,000 (approximately 4.7 million yen), has arrived, and we will focus on that.”

Tesla’s new low-priced car: Decontent Model 3

``Tesla's new low-priced car'' 3 Models has divided analysts' views

Other analysts are more skeptical. “Those expecting an all-new model from Tesla will certainly be disappointed, but some of the existing models have more than just the surface level. changes will be made,” he told me via email.

Drury said that changes to Tesla’s current production methods could lower the cost of every vehicle produced, but that existing models could be “decontented” (removing some features to lower costs). ), and believes that even by focusing only on the basics, it may be possible to create a cheaper model.

The $25,000 Model 2 is ‘you’ll believe it when you see it’

``Tesla's new low-priced car'' 3 Models has divided analysts' views

After hearing Musk’s comments, Natalie Neff, editor of automotive magazine Autoweek, gave an even harsher assessment. “For nearly three years, Tesla has fooled potential customers and Wall Street by promising an affordable, entry-level model. The car, known as the Model 2, is a coveted vehicle. “Not only would it bring the brand within reach of millions of people, but it would also serve as a testing ground for many new technologies,” Neff told me via email.

“I’m skeptical of anything they’re promising right now, whether it’s a new platform or not. They’ve done too much of the same thing at this point,” Neff said, adding, “The ‘accessible’ model The $35,000 Model 3 Standard Range still holds the spot for a long time. It took four years to get in.”So Neff remains extremely skeptical about the Model 2. “The bottom line is, you won’t believe it until you see it with your own eyes,” Neff said.

Improved Model Y leads the way

``Tesla's new low-priced car'' 3 Models has divided analysts' views

Sam Fiorani, an analyst at Global Vehicle Forecasting, said the updated Model Y could be Tesla’s most important model in the near term. “Tesla has developed ways to make existing products cheaper. The current market does not provide enough demand for Tesla’s production capacity, especially with increased competition.” “The improved Model Y, which is said to be coming soon, will lead the wave of improvements in 2025,” Fiorani said.

Things to remember

At the time of the Q4 2023 financial results briefing in January , Musk used the word “profound” (profound) to describe the design of next-generation vehicles, saying, “The development of next-generation Tesla’s new low-priced car is quite advanced. Let’s not forget what he said in the conference call, “We are here.” Musk also talked about the “revolutionary manufacturing system” that Tesla will use to make future cars, which he said will be “far more advanced than any other car manufacturing system in the world.”

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