Son Yeon Jae and Her Husband

Son Yeon Jae is a retired rhythmic gymnast with a long list of accomplishments. She is the 2014 Asian Games All-around Champion and has also won a number of medals in the FIG World Cup series, Universiade, and Asian Championships.

She recently got married to a non-celebrity man, who is nine years her senior. This has stirred up a lot of controversy among netizens.

Son Yeon Jae’s Wedding

Son Yeon Jae, the former national rhythmic gymnast who earned the nickname “Korea’s Gymnastics Fairy,” got married this month. She had been dating a non-celebrity man for a while and finally tied the knot on August 22. The wedding was a private ceremony attended by family, friends, and close acquaintances.

Son’s husband is nine years older than her and a businessman. He serves as the CEO of the Korean branch of a U.S hedge fund that invests in virtual assets, and the couple is known for their charitable efforts for children’s hospitals.

The former gymnast wore a custom-made Elisab wedding dress that cost 30 million won. She also opted for a more affordable flower decoration that costs about the price of a mid-sized car. The couple celebrated their marriage in one of Korea’s top luxury hotel wedding halls.

Son was a talented individual rhythmic gymnast with a unique style and dazzling moves that earned her the nickname, “Korea’s Gymnastics Fairy.” She won a bronze medal in all-around at the 2010 Asian Games and competed in the 2013 Summer Universiade, where she qualified for three event finals, finishing sixth in hoop and seventh in both ball and clubs behind Chinese rival Deng Senyue. She is also the founder of Riff Studio, which discovers and nurtures the talents of young rhythmic gymnasts.

Son Yeon Jae’s Husband

Son Yeon Jae is a former Olympic rhythmic gymnast, widely loved by the public and nicknamed “the nation’s fairy.” She retired from competitive gymnastics seven years ago, but she has continued to broadcast on various entertainment programs and also opened her own dance studio. She also has been active as a coach for younger gymnasts, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and not give up.

In May of 2022, her agency Next Euphoria revealed that she would be getting married in August with a non-celebrity man who is nine years her senior. The couple is planning a private ceremony that will be attended by close family and friends.

The identity of her husband has yet to be revealed, but speculation is rife that he works in the finance industry. He is rumored to be the CEO of a hedge fund called Ulysses Capital’s Korean branch, which made an investment in the virtual asset Terra in 2019.

While it’s not uncommon for celebrities and athletes to marry finance men for their money, many of them end up falling prey to fraudsters and scams that can drain their entire fortune. It’s for this reason that Son Yeon Jae did thorough research before she decided to tie the knot with her fiancé, and we hope that she will continue to build on her success and wealth.

Son Yeon Jae’s Groom

Son Yeon Jae is a rhythmic gymnast and the first Korean female to win a medal at the FIG World Cup series, Universiade, and Asian Games. She is 29 years old and born in Seoul, South Korea. Her Zodiac sign is Gemini and Chinese zodiac is Dog.

Son’s wedding photos garnered attention for her exceptional beauty and grace. Her wedding dress is stunning and showcases her beautiful shoulders. She also wore a white veil that makes her look even more regal. Her groom is also handsome and well-dressed.

The identity of her husband has not yet been revealed, but many netizens are curious about his job and family. According to Money Today, he is the CEO of the Korean branch of a U.S hedge fund that invested in virtual asset Terra.

Son’s wedding pictures were posted through her SNS, and she drew the attention of netizens for her graceful figure and beautiful visuals. She is known to have a strong will and is very dedicated to her craft. She was the 2014 Izmir World Championship bronze medalist and competed in the 2013 Summer Universiade, finishing 6th in all-around, 7th in hoop, 6th in ribbon, and 5th in clubs behind her Chinese rival Deng Senyue. She is also the founder of Riff Studio to discover and nurture talents in rhythmic gymnastics.

Son Yeon Jae’s Marriage Photos

Former rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon Jae, who is known as Korea’s “Gymnastics Fairy,” recently got married. She was in a private wedding ceremony that was attended by her family, relatives, and close friends. In the photos released by her, she looks elegant and radiant in her wedding dress.

She is the first and only individual rhythmic gymnast from South Korea to win medals at the World Championship series, Universiade, and Asian Games. After retiring from competition, she became a rhythmic gymnastics coach at Riff Studio to discover and nurture promising young athletes and serve as the CEO of the company.

Son Yeon Jae is also a frequent guest on variety shows, including two episodes of SBS’s Running Man and KBS’s Swan Club with swimmer Park Tae-hwan. She is also known for good impressions towards popular Chinese swimmer Ning Zetao.

Although she’s a popular athlete, Son Yeon Jae prefers to keep her personal life private. Her preference was seen at her wedding, as she made sure to crop out the groom’s face in all photos that included him. She even encouraged her attending guests to do the same. She hasn’t revealed any details about her groom, but the media speculates that his name is Lee Joon-hyo and he works in finance. He is nine years older than Son Yeon Jae.

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