How to Secure Your Home Without a Security System

In today’s modern age, many people rely on cameras, smart apps, and security systems for home protection, but all of those just provide extra monitoring without full protection. If you want home security without so much technology, then learn some of the ways a professional locksmith can help secure your home without the need to install a whole security system.

Front Door Locks

A proper front door lock offers the first line of defense against intruders and proper security for your home. The installation of a deadbolt can provide extra strength and security to a front door. If needed, you could install multiple deadbolts and add extra protection for your front door area.

The installation of door reinforcements will add extra protection to the door as well. The reinforcements typically include steel barriers that go between the door and the door frame. The theft-proof reinforcements install over areas like the hinges, screws, and locks to prevent forcible entry through the doors. The added protection can also protect your door in case of any damage from a potential intruder.

Window Lock Protection

Windows are another vulnerable area, but you can find multiple ways to offer protection for your home. Window security locks replace a typical window latch with a key-based latch. Only a key can unlock the latch to allow a window to open and shut.

If you have sliding windows, then consider the installation of a sliding window lock that prevents the windows from sliding open and also works with a key. These types of window locks provide relatively cheap ways to secure your home and you do not have to face the burden of monthly security system costs.

Basement Doors and Other Entryways

If you’ve wondered how to protect your home without a security system, then you also have to consider alternative entries to your home. If you have bulkhead doors connected to a basement, then you have multiple options for added protection and some additional cheap ways to secure your home.

On the inside of a bulkhead door, a locksmith can install a security lock bar. The lock bar holds the bulkhead doors securely in place and prevents excessive pulling, tugging, or weakening of the doors. On the outside, you can secure bulkhead door handles with the use of a high-security padlock.

High security padlock options include core-hardened lock bodies, shackle guards to prevent cutting tool access, and corrosion-resistant materials so the lock can handle all different forms of weather. As you learn how to protect your home without a security system, these advanced locks can come in handy in other areas as well. Consider a high-security padlock for shed doors or other doors you do not use regularly.

With all of these security elements, you will not need to rely on technology like sensors or cameras. The hardware will do the hard work on its own and offer your home protection. With the help of a professional locksmith, you can ensure all of the equipment is installed correctly and the one-time service can help you stay secure while saving you a lot of money in the long run.

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