Door Lock Maintenance and Upkeep: Ensuring Longevity

The more care that you give to your locks, the more likely they are to last. A lock that sticks or doesn’t work can cause frustrating situations and lead to you spending more money than you want to spend to have that lock replaced. Regular maintenance and upkeep helps ensure the longevity of your locks.

Focus on Lubricating the Locks

When a lock is properly lubricated, it should lock and unlock smoothly. If you feel that it is taking more effort than it should to use your door’s lock, consider spraying a lubricating product into the lock. Lubricating the hinges on your door can also help with lock issues and keep the door easy to use. Consider lubrication when you notice a lock problem, but also plan on lubricating the locks at least once a year even if you don’t notice anything going on.

Never Force a Key into a Lock

When it comes to lock maintenance, you have to think about what you can do daily to keep from messing up your locks as you use them. Jamming a key into a lock can cause damage to the lock. Instead of forcing a key in, take a moment to make sure that you are using the correct key and that you are inserting it correctly. Be gentle as you stick the key into the lock; if it doesn’t work as it should, there is probably something going on with the lock that has nothing to do with the key.

Clean the Lock

It is important to clean your lock regularly, as all kinds of dust and grime can collect inside of it. Spraying canned air into the keyhole can clear away some of the dirt that is inside, and this is something that you should do on a fairly regular basis. Using a soft cloth to wipe off the deadbolt and the door’s hinges can also keep your lock working well. Take a moment to look over all components of the door’s lock system and figure out what needs to be cleaned and how you can clean that without causing any damage.

Be Gentle on the Door

Sticking locks on doors can be the result of abuse to the door and its locks. Don’t slam the door when you head outside, as doing that can rattle the lock and cause it to stop working. Don’t push hard against the door, as you might mess up the hinges or the way that the lock sits on the door. Treat your door well so that it and its locks will last.

Get Professional Help When a Lock Isn’t Working Right

If you have done all that you can to keep up with lock maintenance work but you are still having issues with your lock, you might need professional help. A locksmith can look over the lock and see if it needs to be replaced or if there is additional maintenance work that you should be focusing on.

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