CRIN Case Study – Centrs Dardedze

Centrs dardedze, a non-governmental organisation, works to prevent child abuse and aid victims in their recovery. The organization believes that violence can be prevented, and every child in Latvia can grow up safely, provided they have the right knowledge and skills.

They have been working to build a culture of safety in Latvia for 20 years. One of their key programmes is Dzimba, which teaches kindergarten and primary school children personal safety in an engaging and interactive way, by teaching them about safe relationships and what to do if they are abused or witness others being abused. The programme has made a significant impact and has been adopted by 60% of Latvian kindergartens, as well as other organisations both in Latvia and internationally.

Besides educating children, the organization also trains adults involved in children’s lives such as teachers, psychologists, social workers and doctors to ensure that they are aware of what is considered to be abuse and how to identify it. They organize workshops, seminars and educational support groups for parents as well.

Most recently, they have launched a pivotal campaign called “Read Between the Lines” to empower parents and adults with essential knowledge about child sexual exploitation, and guide them on how to shield children from this type of abuse. The campaign emphasizes the importance of reporting incidents of suspected child abuse to authorities, as well as highlights the need for individuals to report any suspicions or concerns they may have about their own children’s online behavior.

CRIN is proud to have been a partner of centrs dardedze in their journey to impact at scale and in supporting their efforts to develop their programme Dzimba for the past few years. In our joint case study you can read more about the practical lessons and key insights learned during this process as well as the challenges and successes encountered by both organizations.

Download the full case study.

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