A Guide to Window Security: Enhancing Your Home’s Safety

While many homeowners focus heavily on securing the doors of their home, the windows also require attention. Windows enable criminals to view the interior of the house before breaking in. allowing unauthorized access to the home in a matter of seconds. Often, second-floor windows are not locked with the assumption that intruders cannot reach them, but this is not the case. While window bars are one option for window security, they are unattractive and are not suitable for safety in the event an emergency exit is needed. When you know how to secure windows, you can take proper steps to safeguard your home.


Replace the Windows

Some windows are easier to break into than others. Often, home builders will use the cheapest windows that lack security features. When you replace the windows, however, you can choose windows with stronger or integrated locks. You can also request reinforced or laminated glass and double glazing. Each of these window security features make the windows more difficult to penetrate.


Use Window Locks

You do not need to replace the windows to take advantage of more secure window locks. Most windows have a simple sash-style lock that is easy for criminals to bypass. A locksmith can install other types of locks that are more secure. These include a keyed sash lock, a hinged sash lock or a folding lock. You could also install chain locks to enhance the security of the casements.


Add Window Film

Window film serves two important benefits. First, it minimizes or eliminates a criminal’s view into your home. Often, criminals will stake out or cast a home to determine if it is worth breaking into. They do not want to risk breaking into a home that will not pay out to them. Second, window film is a flexible, durable layer that is placed over the glass. This serves as a reinforcement, making it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to access the home by breaking the window.


Install Motion-Sensor Lighting

Criminals generally look for darker homes to break into. With exterior lighting, passersby and neighbors are more likely to see them as they enter and exit the home. You can easily brighten up the dark spaces around your windows with motion-sensor lights. These lights only turn on when motion is detected, so they will not waste electricity or create bothersome light inside the home when you are trying to sleep.


Update the Landscaping

In order to break into a home through a window, the criminal needs access to it. In some cases, thick vegetation around a window provides the cover that criminals are looking for. However, if the vegetation makes the window inaccessible, the bushes and shrubs work against the criminal. If you do not want to cover your window fully, you can install plants with pointy thorns, such as rose bushes or cacti.


Knowing how to secure windows is essential for overall home security. While window bars are one option, you can see that there are other solutions that are more aesthetically pleasing and that could be right for your property.

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